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To Aspiring Researchers,

The Wayne State University Global Health Research Center was created to help overcome social, intellectual and ethical barriers. We place a strong emphasis on building local global health research capacity, promoting local innovation, and prioritizing research training for community professionals.

Our vision is to foster quality research by creating communities across the globe to train leaders, establish partnerships and collaborate towards global health solutions – solutions that transcend education, funding streams, healthcare, languages and boarders.

The future of this collaborative is to provide quality career long mentorship and connectivity within an extensive network for professionals around the world. Through this framework, our goal is to ensure a generation of successful and impactful novel global health research on a worldwide platform for even the most vulnerable populations.
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A collaborative learning space for aspiring research professionals. Education beyond the classroom as participants are taught practical research fundamentals as well as being able to pursue tracks in their own focus area.
About Mentorship

A Letter From the Directors Desk

Welcome to the Global Health Research Collaborative. We are happy to invite you to our first online summer workshop on global health research and field work training beginning July 13th, 2020. This collaborative includes more than forty experienced faculty members from Wayne State University and affiliated organizations. The aim of this workshop is to create a cohort of well-trained researchers around the world who will be mentored by our world class faculty and also have access to networking opportunities.

Putting this collaborative together has been a detailed and elaborative task. It was made possible by the efforts of an expert group of faculty members and an effective and industrious team of coordinators, to whom we owe our gratitude. This upcoming online workshop on global health research will serve as a platform for training, networking and collaborating with experienced mentors who are an invaluable resource toward the initiation of projects and accessing funding.

Wayne State University lies in the heart of the City of Detroit and is recognized as a leading urban research university. Students and faculty come to Wayne State from around the world to learn, grow, and share experiences and expertise. Historically, Detroit has always been an international hub for trade, commerce and innovation. Detroit is also a global leader in healthcare delivery and research. The University and its research collaborations now reach over 40 countries and their multidisciplinary research activities thrive through the shared focus of improving the health of populations around the globe.

We are delighted to greet you here and we look forward to engaging with you and growing together through knowledge, research, and service that builds international collaborations for the benefit of all people around the world. We would like this to be a continued and productive relationship that will enable truly effective global health research endeavors.
Dr Vijaya Arun Kumar

Vijaya Arun Kumar, MD MPH

Dr Paul Kilgore

Paul Kilgore, MD MPH

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One of the most comprehensive global health research programs, where you can master basic investigative principles and kickstart your global health research journey.

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One of the most comprehensive global health research programs, where you can master basic investigative principles and kickstart your global health research journey.

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